The brand new 10km route takes you through the heart of Exeter. Following the first and final 3 miles of the half marathon, the route will be well supported and the atmosphere incredible. Whether it is your first or one of many - this is the run for you. The exact route is still being finalised but will be uploaded below as soon as it is ready.


CUT OFF POINT: Runners must reach the 4 mile point within 1hr 10mins of the race starting to be able to do the full 13.1 mile route. Any participant after this time will be redirected right along Cowley Bridge Road to follow the remainder of the race route as a pedestrian using footpaths. We will have to enforce this cut off time due to us having to adhere to a strict road closure reopening schedule.  

DRINK STATION 1 - Pinhoe Road (by St Marks Church outward)

DRINK STATION 2 -  Cowley Bridge Road (by Steiner Academy outward)

DRINK STATION 3 - Stoke Road (by Pennsylvania Road on return)

DRINK STATION 4 & HIGH 5 ENERGY GELS -  Cowley Bridge Road (by Steiner Academy on return)

DRINK STATION 5 - Prince of Wales Road (by Devon and Exeter Squash Club)

DRINK STATION 6 - Pinhoe Road (by St Marks Church on return)