Get Involved

Race day is a great opportunity to come together and celebrate Exeter! 

We're expecting many thousands of residents and visitors to take to the streets to support all the runners that pass by.

There will be many reasons for running; in memory of a loved one, a personal fitness challenge, or simply a love of the race, but the inspiration on race day comes from everyone coming together and encouraging you to do your best.


Race day is a fabulous party atmosphere, so let your voice be heard and share in the race day experience. Jelly Babies, banners, however you want to show your support, we salute you!

Opening up the streets to the half marathon will see a number of roads closed, and we appreciate all your support and patience with this. We will provide regular updates and communication to those most affected, but if you have any questions please do contact us.


We are expecting many thousands of runners and supporters, so make the most of this opportunity and set up your own race day promotions. Simply show a medal to qualify, or why not put up a team to run and get the full race day experience?